Music Production Services | Recording | Contracting | New York

As arrangers, we can plan and complete projects through final output, working with our clients to find the best mix of quality and method, whether live, sampled, or some combination thereof, to fit their budget.

Our production services begin with music arranging, and include

  • Tracks produced via Samples
  • Tracks produced with a mix of Sampled instruments and Live (studio or location) recording
  • Tracks produced in-studio with Live Musicians
  • Music Contracting and Studio Booking services
  • Music Licensing administrative services

Projects are spreadsheeted in advance, with plug-in variables available to estimate various cost scenarios.

Music Production Services

Our arrangers all provide or coordinate a variety of music production services for ensembles of any size. Tracks can be recorded instrumentally by humans, or through the use of sampled instrument sounds, or any combination thereof. All our … [Read more...]

How do I estimate the cost of Music Production?

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Vocal Music Production Case Study

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String Quintet Arranging Case Study

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Backing Tracks

Are you looking for music backing tracks?We can create backing tracks here at, although we’re not fans of their use in performance. If a client wants a track for their own entertainment for use in their home, we’re … [Read more...]