What do Music Arrangements Cost?

Maybe you’re here because you’re asking the question  – what do music arrangements cost?

Rates vary. What do you have now, and what would you like to achieve?

Is a lead sheet available? If not, then a transcription will be done first, billed at $75/hour. Most client material can be transcribed within an hour or two.

Most often it takes a half hour to transcribe one minute of a popular song arrangement. The more dense it is, the longer it takes. Very dense piano music can take up to 20 minutes per bar of music; we have to hear or see what you’ve got to give a quote on transcription. Once we quote it, it’s flat-rated – there will be no overruns.

Is the arrangement that you’re looking for a lead sheet, with a single line, chords, melody and lyrics? Use the calculator below. Rates are based on the Musicians Union rate sheet for orchestrators and arrangers.

Looking for something more? Have a band, or need sheet music arrangements? Please use our small ensemble cost calculator, or our large ensemble cost calculator.

Discount rates are available for independent projects and other special need situations. Please talk to your arranger