Who are we?

Arranger for Hire is an association of composer-arranger musicians who love to arrange music. For Hire. We all hark back to the days when there was a lot of activity in recording studios, people needing musical arrangements on short notice, when all a great arranger needed was a great ear, a sharp pencil, a pack of Luckys, and a fifth of Jack. These guys know their stuff, know how to make their artist shine, and are loaded with war stories about the great days.

As time and technology have changed the music business, our staff arrangers have adapted the powerful tools of recording and production, also enabling delivery of music in digital form as backing tracks (karaoke), or fully produced finished recordings. All of our arrangers are producers, too! Clients have the option for complete production services, digital delivery, printed parts, backing tracks, practice tracks, and music produced with real instruments or sampled sounds, or any combination of the above services.

With experience as wide as it is long in the music business, they've played and written for a who's who of industry titans (more about that on their author pages)! Their arranging experience ranges from metal band through solo guitar, harp, piano, fiddle, even solo bass arrangements, through pop instrumentations including rhythm sections, horns, synths, strings, and entire orchestras. Their list of credits includes Tony Bennett, James Brown, Margaret Whiting, Ray Charles, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Buddy Rich, and a host of others.

Maybe you're new around the music industry, or maybe you're trying to google up some parts and charts, or backing tracks. These guys here are bespoke arrangers, fitting a chart or track to you like skilled tailor fits a suit or gown. We take great care of our customers.