Music Transcription Services

We offer world-class, fast, accurate music transcription services, delivering files in a variety of formats including Finale - .musx, .mus, .mid, .mp3, .pdf, and cross-platform xml, .musicxml, .mxl.

Orchestral Arranging Case Study

Composer Mark Lucas sent a recording to us, wanting to hear it arranged for orchestra. The song, sung rubato in wordless melody over strummed guitar accompaniment, showed terrific pitch and heartfelt emotion. It’s a work of passion, as you … [Read more...]

Music Transcription Rates

Music Transcription is an art, we love to do it, and we're good at it. We're very accurate. It takes time. Writing arrangements from sheet music is cheaper than writing from transcribed material. If there's no sheet music, we need to do … [Read more...]

Best Music Transcription Service Available

Our music transcription service is fast and accurate. Orchestral Scores We transcribe orchestral scores from recordings as a service to our clients. We're able to reconstruct detailed, complex musical scores, reconstructing the melodies, … [Read more...]

Piano Transcription | Note-for-note

We do piano transcription No matter how quick or dense the source material, we do accurate note-for-note piano transcription from recorded material.Rates are variable depending on the density of the material.Here's a transcription … [Read more...]

Orchestral Music Score Transcription

Our staff is capable of producing accurate Orchestral Music Score transcriptions from recorded material.Score Transcription Music Transcription is a two-step process. The first phase, known as “takedown” in the jargon of the industry, … [Read more...]

Need music for an audition?

Can’t find the music anywhere?Need a transcription/arrangement or adaptation? We can certainly do this for you - but we are ethically bound to ask you:Does it have to be that song in particular?There’s plenty of commercially … [Read more...]