Need music for an audition?

Can’t find the music anywhere?

Music for auditions

Do you really need custom transcription?

Need a transcription/arrangement or adaptation?

We can certainly do this for you – but we are ethically bound to ask you:

Does it have to be that song in particular?

There’s plenty of commercially available sheet music that would be way more cost-effective, yet still enable you to put your best foot forward in an audition. Hopefully you’ve already tried to find it on a site like Online Sheet

If the production you’re auditioning for is requiring a particular song, then they (or your agent) should be obligated to provide the sheet music.

In the meantime, for an audition, which is something you may or may not get, commissioning a transcription solely for an occasion like this is probably not worth it – unless you feel this exact song is essential to the success of this particular audition, or you identify with it so closely that you want to use it on every other audition as well.

Is it the right song for the role?

Even then, you might want to be thinking about what they’re casting before you go in, and whether a song from commercially available repertoire best represents your skills for the role you’re auditioning for. You should appear as if you’re ready to walk into the part, and able to learn a lot of songs fast to master the show without bogging down rehearsals.

Having read this, if you still need us to do this for you, we can – but it will usually cost in the neighborhood of a couple hundred bucks for us to transcribe and adapt it. We can quote it exactly if you do want to proceed. Use the site form to get in touch!

About Jon Burr

Jon Burr is a composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, bandleader, bassist, and educator from Yonkers, NY.. and a Finale user since 1996. As owner/operator of Arranger for Hire, he serves music arranging and production customers from around the world. A veteran touring bassist, his performance credits include Tony Bennett, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Eartha Kitt, Rita Moreno, The Hot Swing Trio, Stephane Grappelli and many others. Arranging customers have included the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, Chilean Astronomy Society, The Milpitas Community Concert Band, The Honey Taps, The Montclair Kimberly Academy’s annual musical, and many others. He writes for and leads his own ensembles, including the Jon Burr Quintet. His arrangements for Swedish YouTube artist Kim Andersson have received over 5 million views on Facebook and YouTube.