Rates for Music Arranging and Transcription

We take submissions in the form of digital files (mp3, jpg, .musx, .pdf, .mxl) or YouTube links, read the client’s brief (instrumentation, key, form layout if different than the example, “sounds like,” “in the style of”) and go from there.

We require a 50% deposit to schedule the work, and deliver according to the customer’s deadline needs.

On delivery, we send an mp3 of Finale playback and a pdf of page one of the score. One round of revisions is included in the price.

Extensive revision requests may require delivery of the score for markup. In these cases we ask for payment of the remaining 50% balance to deliver the score.

On approval of the audio proof (the usual scenario) we bill the 50% balance via PayPal, and deliver all files on receipt of the balance.

We have cost estimators on the site. Since billing is by the bar, we start by coming up with a bar count. We have a calculator for that purpose as well. Enter time in min:sec, time signature,  and tempo in beats per minute, and it gives you the bar count.

Our rates depend on the nature of the brief. Here’s the basis:

Arranging/engraving rates 

  • 72¢/bar up to 10 staff lines  (times the number of staff lines)
  • 60¢ from 10-15 staff lines  
  • 50¢ over 15 lines.
  • Lyrics under vocals billed as an additional staff
  • (Piano is 2 staves)
  • Chord symbols billed as an additional staff

Transcription Rates

  • Melody, countermelody and chords $35/minute of music
  • plus lyrics $45
  • Polyphonic low density $60
  • Polyphonic high density $75 (fast, lots of notes, atonal or dense voicings)

We offer discounts for bulk work and special situations.
We appreciate any opportunity to be of service!
Use the site form to get in touch, we’ll reply, and you’ll be able to attach your materials to your reply to our email.

We don’t currently accept uploads via the site for security reasons.