Music Arranging

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String Quintet Arranging Case Study

We got an interesting assignment (from a previous client), requesting an arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner, "aria"-style, after Puccini's Nessun Dorma, for voice, string quartet and piano. The opening bars of the famous aria have an … [Read more...]

Orchestral Arranging Case Study

Composer Mark Lucas sent a recording to us, wanting to hear it arranged for orchestra. The song, sung rubato in wordless melody over strummed guitar accompaniment, showed terrific pitch and heartfelt emotion. It’s a work of passion, as you … [Read more...]

Concert Band Arranging Case Study

We heard from David Di Salvo, representing the Milpitas, CA Community Concert Band, with an offer of commission to do an arrangement of "Hot Cross Buns" as a piece within a food-themed program. In response to his request for some program … [Read more...]

Custom Wedding Music for String Quartet, Instruments or Voices

Custom arrangements of favorite selections from pop or classical repertoire for a wedding ceremony are our most requested service. Any song or piece you can think of can be arranged or adapted for any combination of instruments or … [Read more...]

What makes a great arrangement?

A question often asked is - what makes a great arrangement?It's great if it's written with the lyric and against the melody (has oppositional countermelodies), and organic reharmonization of the original chords."With the lyric" … [Read more...]

Printed Parts and Lead Sheets

Our most requested service is creating printed parts and lead sheets for use in live performance.  Yes, we do that!All of our arrangers are expert in state-of-the-art music engraving software, are performing musicians themselves, and … [Read more...]

Custom Arrangements for any size music ensemble

At, our staff arrangers can create custom arrangements for any size music ensemble, regardless of output format. Different formats include:Printed sheet music for live performance by live musicians … [Read more...]

Hidden Texture in Music Arranging

The subject of arranging is extremely vast and quite interesting for someone wanting to delve into the x's ond o's of it all. One aspect of writing that I had the chance to explore was the use of hidden texture in music arranging.I'd … [Read more...]