Music Arranging, Copyright and Licensing

How do we handle copyright issues at Arranger for Hire? We are a bespoke exclusive custom arranging service. We observe copyright law. We are not “publishers” - we do not resell any arrangement we write for a client, and we respect a … [Read more...]

Backing Tracks

Are you looking for music backing tracks?We can create backing tracks here at, although we’re not fans of their use in performance. If a client wants a track for their own entertainment for use in their home, we’re … [Read more...]

Need music for an audition?

Can’t find the music anywhere?Need a transcription/arrangement or adaptation? We can certainly do this for you - but we are ethically bound to ask you:Does it have to be that song in particular?There’s plenty of commercially … [Read more...]

Get Bar count from Time and Tempo

Need to calculate the number of bars in a piece of recorded music?Look no further. … [Read more...]

Planning a Medley for a Wedding Ceremony

We often hear the question “How do I go about planning a medley for a wedding ceremony?” Custom-arranged music communicates highly personal and intimate connection, making the major life event of marriage unforgettable for everyone present. … [Read more...]

What makes a great arrangement?

A question often asked is - what makes a great arrangement?It's great if it's written with the lyric and against the melody (has oppositional countermelodies), and organic reharmonization of the original chords."With the lyric" … [Read more...]

Music Production Services

Our arrangers all provide or coordinate a variety of music production services for ensembles of any size. Tracks can be recorded instrumentally by humans, or through the use of sampled instrument sounds, or any combination thereof. All our … [Read more...]

Printed Parts and Lead Sheets

Our most requested service is creating printed parts and lead sheets for use in live performance.  Yes, we do that!All of our arrangers are expert in state-of-the-art music engraving software, are performing musicians themselves, and … [Read more...]

Custom Arrangements for any size music ensemble

At, our staff arrangers can create custom arrangements for any size music ensemble, regardless of output format. Different formats include:Printed sheet music for live performance by live … [Read more...]