Get Bar count from Time and Tempo

Need to calculate the number of bars in a piece of recorded music?

Look no further.

Use a metronome (I use the Metrotimer App ) to get your beats per minute. Derive the total time from the time counter numbers in iTunes or another playback app (or use a stopwatch! Old-style!)

The time signature is almost always going to be “4” these days – until the Waltz comes roaring back into fashion…

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Active as a bassist, composer, and arranger since the beginning of his career, Jon's work has appeared on recordings by Chet Baker, Sir Roland Hanna, Mark O'Connor, Barry Miles, Arlyn Valencia, and many others. As a bassist he's performed or recorded with Tony Bennett, Stan Getz, Horace Silver, Stephane Grappelli, Mark O'Connor, Rita Moreno, Barbara Cook, Eartha Kitt, and many others.

Jon writes in a variety of styles, ensembles large and small, with experience in many instrumental configurations. You can hear his work on his websites and Jon Burr Quintet, and is receiving rave reviews from Arranger for Hire customers. His arranging reel is available on request (email us on using the site form). He also writes about cooking at The Improvising Chef.