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We start with pencil, eraser and ears!

Our music transcription service is fast and accurate.

Orchestral Scores

We transcribe orchestral scores from recordings as a service to our clients. We’re able to reconstruct detailed, complex musical scores, reconstructing the melodies, orchestration, and sonorities of the recorded source so that result sounds virtually identical to the original in performance.

Big Band

We’re very familiar with big band music. All of our arrangers have written for both orchestra and big band, and we’re all performing musicians who have worked in both of these contexts.

String Quartet

Our most frequently requested service is the transcription of string quartet music for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Vocal Music

We make lead sheets from provided audio of vocal performances and demo recordings. Occasionally our clients need to have accompaniment written to a solo vocal line they’ve provided. Although writing “the chords” to a song is composition, this is a service we offer on a work-for-hire basis, claiming no credit unless by specific arrangement with the client.

The Cost of Music Transcription

Our rates are derived from the American Federation of Musicians Local 802 Rate Sheet for Orchestrators.

Music transcription is painstaking work, we do it well, and our rates are fair, based on negotiated rates between the American Federation of Musicians and publishers, including the Television, Recording,  and Film industries.

We give substantial discounts to independent artists, presenters, producers and private clients.


About Jon Burr

Staff Arranger Jon Burr is also the site administrator for

Active as a bassist, composer, and arranger since the beginning of his career, Jon's work has appeared on recordings by Chet Baker, Sir Roland Hanna, Mark O'Connor, Barry Miles, Arlyn Valencia, and many others. As a bassist he's performed or recorded with Tony Bennett, Stan Getz, Horace Silver, Stephane Grappelli, Mark O'Connor, Rita Moreno, Barbara Cook, Eartha Kitt, and many others.

Jon writes in a variety of styles, ensembles large and small, with experience in many instrumental configurations. You can hear his work on his websites and Jon Burr Quintet, and is receiving rave reviews from Arranger for Hire customers. His arranging reel is available on request (email us on using the site form). He also writes about cooking at The Improvising Chef.

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