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Orchestral Music Score Transcription

Our staff is capable of producing accurate Orchestral Music Score transcriptions from recorded material.Score Transcription Music Transcription is a two-step process. The first phase, known as “takedown” in the jargon of the industry, … [Read more...]

Custom Wedding Music for String Quartet, Instruments or Voices

Custom arrangements of favorite selections from pop or classical repertoire for a wedding ceremony are our most requested service. Any song or piece you can think of can be arranged or adapted for any combination of instruments or … [Read more...]

Get Bar count from Time and Tempo

Need to calculate the number of bars in a piece of recorded music?Look no further. … [Read more...]

Customer Review – Piano and Vocal arrangements

Another lovely Google+ review of our work came in today from our client Gary Knowles, who's a gifted composer working on music to be performed in his church. Jon Burr is a brilliant arranger who will help you realize the potential of your … [Read more...]

Customer Review – String Quartet

Our first Google+ review, from our customer Maïa who commissioned some transcriptions for string quartet to be performed at her wedding: … [Read more...]

Customer Feedback

Our customers are saying...   … [Read more...]

Planning a Medley for a Wedding Ceremony

We often hear the question “How do I go about planning a medley for a wedding ceremony?” Custom-arranged music communicates highly personal and intimate connection, making the major life event of marriage unforgettable for everyone present. … [Read more...]

What’s different about Finale 2012?

What's different about FInale 2012?The biggest thing different about Finale 2012 is the Score Manager. The (Mac) keyboard shortcut Command-K gets you there, to find functions that used to be in File Info, Instrument setup and the Staff … [Read more...]

What makes a great arrangement?

A question often asked is - what makes a great arrangement?It's great if it's written with the lyric and against the melody (has oppositional countermelodies), and organic reharmonization of the original chords."With the lyric" … [Read more...]

Music Production Services

Our arrangers all provide or coordinate a variety of music production services for ensembles of any size. Tracks can be recorded instrumentally by humans, or through the use of sampled instrument sounds, or any combination thereof. All our … [Read more...]